A platform that was built to connect

Omaiyah is an online platform that makes companies and service providers visible to the Arabic-speaking market.

How do we do it?

We have launched the first and only listing portal in Europe where users can search directly for Arabic products, services, or companies with Arabic-speaking employees and find them quickly and reliably.

Very often, your customers are looking for exactly what you offer, but do not find it even through the largest search engines because the relevant search criteria are not taken into account.

For example, potential customers will not find you because they do not know the relevant search terms or there are language barriers.

The result is often that new customer acquisition is solely through referrals and a lot of business is not done.

We are now changing that with Omaiyah.

As an online marketing agency specializing in customer acquisition through online channels, we have helped numerous companies achieve a successful online presence and understand these challenges.

Our clear goal: Omaiyah will become the most relevant platform for the Arabic-speaking market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the next 12 months. Subsequently, we will expand the platform to all of Europe.

Present your business on Omaiyah.com now and benefit from the best visibility.

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